Working at Home

If you work from home, often it will be similar to working in an office in so far as you will probably be sitting at a desk all day or least most of the day. Although many manual labourers may think that is a nice situation to be in, little do they know that by sitting at a desk all day, you can spend your latter years suffering from back pains or neck pains. This is only though, if you do not sit in an ergonomically sound chair. Ergonomics is the study of body posture in an attempt to try and see why our bodies suffer so many aches and pains. One of the conclusions that ergonomic specialists have found is that if we spend many hours sitting in an unnatural posture, it can lead to both back and neck pains which after time can become more severe. They therefore recommended that chairs, including office chairs, be designed with natural body posture in mind. As we as humans come in all shapes and sizes, this usually means that for an office chair to be ergonomic, it would have to be adjustable to take into consideration our individual shape and size. This means that today, the best office chairs 2016, are adjustable.

Although there may be some office chairs that claim to be ergonomic which do not have any adjustable features, the best ones do have an array of them. To sit naturally, with good posture, we need to be sat at the right height, sat back properly in the chair and have sufficient support for our back and sometimes chairs will offer additional neck support. Some of the adjustable features that you may find on a good ergonomic office chair will therefore include an adjustable seat, adjustable back support and an adjustable head support if one is fitted. In the case of an office chair though, it is also important that you are able to continue with your work unimpeded and so if an office chair has armrest, they too may also be adjustable, allowing them to be moved out of the way whilst you are working.

By having an office chair either at your place of work or in your home by your desk, not only will you ensure you do not suffer from back pains which many people do later in life, you will also ensure that you are comfortable whilst working. Due to the many different adjustments that a good ergonomic chair allows for, often they are far more expensive than the old fashioned β€˜one fits all’ chairs but if you are going to spend between 5 and 8 hours sitting in one every day, the extra expense should be seriously considered especially considering that that expense now, could save you discomfort and high medical expenses later in life. Obviously the ideal solution, if you work in an office, is to convince your boss to buy you one but sadly, all too often that will never happen.